AWS SSO With Google Workspaces (Formerly GSuite)

AWS Google SSO

Sam Install No Homebrew

aws sam homebrew cli lambda

The instructions to install SAM on the AWS site uses Homebrew. I use MacPorts locally on my Macbook and not much of a fan of Homebrew. The following explains how I install SAM for local Lambda development without Homebrew. Install python39 with macports 1 sudo port install python39 Create a Python virtual environment 1 2 3 mkdir -p ~/apps python3.9 -m venv ~/apps/python-aws-sam source ~/apps/python-aws-sam/bin/activate Once in your virtual environment, use pip to install SAM


AWS SAM Lambda

Initialize a new Go Lambda project 1 sam init --runtime go1.x --name "example" Start a local server 1 sam local start-api --env-vars env.json Deploy the application 1 2 3 4 5 sam deploy \ --region "us-east-1" \ --stack-name example \ --s3-bucket somebucket \ --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM

AWS RDS Schema Conversion Tool


The AWS Schema Conversion Tool is avaialble from The guid to using the tool is located at



Cloud Watch List logs in the last 30 minutes sorted desc by timestamp and return the last 10 messages 1 aws logs filter-log-events --log-group-name example-app --start-time $(( $(date '+%s') * 1000 - 1800000)) --query 'reverse(sort_by(events, &timestamp))[*]' | jq '.[:10][].message' EC2 List AMIs owned by Amazon 1 aws ec2 describe-images --owners self amazon List latest Ubuntu 20.04 amd64 AMIs 1 aws ec2 describe-images --owners 099720109477 --filters "Name=name,Values=ubuntu/images/hvm-ssd/ubuntu-focal-20.