Workout - Push Pull Legs - High Intensity

Workout HIT Weightlifting

The creation of this workout has the following items in-mind Iterate push day, legs day, pull day followed by a day of rest Do not skip the rest day or in my **experience you risk injury Do not have more than two days of consecutive rest or you gains can be lost Workouts are high-intensity and should be complete in about an hour Workouts are designed so everything can be setup before the workout begins The last set should be to failure The safety bar is always in-place to make safe to go to failure Push Workout Warn Up Treadmill - 10 min Bench Press 3 x 5-7 alternate 60 second running man - 10 min Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3 x 6-8 altrnate 2 minute walk on treadmill - 10 min Incline Dumbbell Press 3 x 8-10 alternate 30 excersize ball crunches - 10 min Side Lateral Raises 2 x 10-12 alternate 2 minute walk on treadmill - 8 min Triceps Pressdowns - 2 x 8-10 alternate 60 second planks between sets - 6 min Overhead Triceps Extension - 2 x 8-10 alternate 2 minute walk on treadmill - 6 min Cool Down Treadmill - 10 min Total: ~78 minutes